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Stop waxing it, Stop Shaving it and Stop bleaching it! Start Springing It!!!

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover does not damage your skin like using other products such as wax or bleach.

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover can remove several strands of hair without waiting for it to be fully grown.

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover is portable, so you can take it with you everywhere

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover does not need any battery or power.

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover is economic.

• "MySpring It" facial hair remover can be used up to 1 year before replacing it. So you will not be spending your money on products again and again!!


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Ingrown Hair Gel     

Product Description:

• Our all new formula helps reduce the growth rate of your facial hairs gradually and effectively helping you to save the money and time spent on hair removal sessions.

• With green tea and camomile leaves containing rich medicinal value added as ingredients you could feel a soothing effect with aromatic fragrance when you apply gel on your skin.

• You could use our ingrown hair solution after any hair removal treatment to prevent any irritation caused by hair removal.

• Our facial hair inhibitor and after hair removal soothing gel gives you the best solution for all your facial hair problems.

Product Features:

• Prevents hair growth effectively. Removes ingrown hair. Keeps all your unwanted hair away.

• Soothing gel treatment with Green Tea and Camomile (aromatic plant having medicinal value)

• Our Ingrown Hair Removal Gel can be used on all hair and skin types

• Fast-absorbing gel applies easily.

• Our Ingrown Hair Product can be used after any hair removal treatment to prevent irritation caused by hair removal


Apply a small amount of soothing gel to facial areas where hair was recently removed or where skin is more prone to irritation.

Most effective on skin after facial cleansing.


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Ingrown Hair Gel

MySpringIt FAQS

Q.) How "MySpring it" works?
A.) 2 easy simple steps: (Step 1.) Bend MySpring it in to an u-shape and apply on your skin where hair is to be removed. (Step 2.) Roll your fingers in & out and up & down

Q.) Does "MySpring It" remove hair from its roots?
A.) Yes, "MySpring It" works exactly like threading which removes hair from its roots and does not tear them (like shaving)

Q.) Does "MySpring It" remove facial hair permanently?
A.) No, The hair will grow again, but using "MySpring It" reduces the hair growth each time

Q.) How long until I need to use "MySpring It" again?
A.) Hair growth is individual and varies from woman to woman, the average usage of "MySpring It" is between 3 to 4 weeks.

Q.) Can "MySpring It" be used by pregnant woman?
A.) Yes, "MySpring It" is totally natural and does not contain any chemicals.

Q.) Is it painful?
A.) You would feel a slight sensation while hair is being removed, Thats it!

Q.) Is it safe?
A.) Yes, use it as specified. "MySpring It" can be used on cheeks, chin and upper lip.

Q.) How long before I receive my order?
A.) Shipment is between 5-8 business days for domestic and 8-15 business days for international orders.

Q.) Who can I contact if I have more questions?
A.) Please refer Contact Us page.

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